Floating Square is a sound and visual installation, a robotized musical instrument built on large scale, a suspended sound sculpture.
An ensemble of cords is suspended vertically with the help of reverberating counterweighs. The cords are amplified and they will vibrate thanks to a directed air flow.
The turbulence of the air flow produces a state of permanent micro-changes, each harmonic becomes visible, audible and evolutive at the same time.
The wave forms on each cord become the screens in which drawings of a visual narration will be video proyected.
At the same time the vibration of the cord itself affects the projected image, giving birth to a kind of 3D holograms.

Floating square is produced by Sonambule and Atelier Coulisses, 
co-produced by Le Cube, with the support of Césaré (national center of musical creation), of the Lieu Multiple, of Lutherie Urbaine and DRAC Ile de France
Thanks to National Choregraphic center of Montpellier and La Station Magnétique

Conception-Sound creation : Vincent Martial
Lights and video : Clémentine Poquet
Programming assistance : Yragael Gervais
Support and technicals advices : Alexandre Rety

Floating-square Installation mode

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