« O » is an act from La cloche qui résonne, an encounter between musicians and musical instruments whose playing modes haven’t been stablished.

This act shows an ensemble of small acoustic instruments, partially or fully robotized, that are spread into the space  entering in resonance with the sound environment.

Between ambulatory plastic installation and spatialized installation, « O » is a performative form that allows the spectator to move around if desired.

It aims to develop a subtle dialogue between sound modules, environment and musicians.
Creation Interpretation : Vincent Martial
Scenography : Paula Vargas and Vincent Martial
Guest musicians : Paula Vargas, Marc Siffert, Julien Mauri, Maguelone Vidal

Production : Sonambule                                
Coproduction : Matrice-AtelierB, La Boussole Reims, Le Chateau Ephémère, La Pop
With the support of Drac Ile-de-France and L'Echangeur
This project is supported by the grant Mécènes du Sud Montpellier-Sète
Various performances have been created, adjusting to the scenic space and the people involved in each specific event.
Here are some pictures of the different creations.

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