Hana is a poetic interpretation of a cyclic phenomena thru the metamorphosis of water.
An iced flower, frostbitten in a second, created to melt, to disappear before being reborn.
   Hana is an evolutionary sculpture, composed of  intertwined stems gradually covered by ice, becoming an ephemeral entity.

A copper pipeline conveying gas and connected to electro-valves guides the sculpting of an ice module. The combination of this gas and the humidity of the air results in the freezing of the steam accumulated around the pipes, giving place to the gradual creation of the sculpture.

An ensemble of integrated microphones transforms the structure into a listening station. Through amplification it will allow us to hear the transformation process of water, from freezing to melting.
Conception : Vincent Martial with the participation of Carlos Henrich
Implementation of the iced circuit : Olivier Vermot
Conceptio and drawings of the sculptures : Raphaël Mognetti
Composition: Vincent Martial
Production : Association Sonambule 
Coproduction :Matrice-AtelierB, Fonds de dotation EDIS, La Muse en circuit
Patronage : Le Froidroutier
Support :  Dicream, Festival 30/30, Mécènes du Sud Montpellier
Production in progress
This project benefits of the Dicream's development help

This sound has been recorded from a small piece of ice containing a microphone within it.

The sound we hear is the result of the amplification without any sound treatment and shows us the kind of sounds we will obtain during the project.

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